Top Notch Advice for Students who wants to start a Business

I’m sorry for the bad news, but the student mindset you’ve acquired will not help you achieve your business goals.

You need a mindset reset!

In school you can get straight A’s — yet, in business no matter how good you are, you will NEVER get straight A’s. Actually in business, you get A’s by first getting F’s.

Lots and lots of F’s!

As a student, we’re taught to avoid problems — while in business we’re most valuable when we embrace problems.

In business you get paid to solve problems. The bigger the problems, the bigger the paycheck.


Challenge yourself every day, choose to see the world with different perspectives.

Work on your attitude towards problems and problem-solving. Be intentional, grow your creativity muscles — the more you take on problems, the more confident you will become at solving them.

Practice and you will be better equipped to identify great business opportunities when they pop-up, opportunities that others will simply not be able to even see them.

Top Notch Advice for Students who wants to start a Business

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